We all have those days when there are thoughts sifting around our mind that we want to get off our chest.  You know, the thoughts you want input on but there is no one around to listen.  Well, let me tell you about 3 ways to effectively express your thoughts when no one is around to give you the answer or feedback you desire.

Before we start, let me disclose that all ideas given are based on my own personal experience.  If you are looking for advice from a person with a degree and/or is paid to give advice, then I suggest you seek  the services of a professional.  But, if you are interested in  real ideas from a person who lives and breaths these words daily, keep reading.

The Facts

Since I don’t have the biggest support system offline as I do online, I had to get creative about how I chose to express myself when ears or eyes were unavailable to read or listen.  I am the type of person who craves being heard and understood. Call it a flaw, but it is what it is and honesty is the best policy.

3 Ways to Effectively Express Your Thoughts
3 Ways to Effectively Express Your Thoughts

Unfortunately in today’s world being misunderstood is the norm and the reason why so many people walk around feeling lonely.  With suicide rates at an all time high new tools are desperately needed in toolboxes around the world.

Now please understand this, I am a praying woman.  So, prayer is on top of my list of ways I choose express my thoughts.  But I also have 3 other things I do that may work for you.

3 Ways to Effectively Express Your Thoughts
  • Talk To A Trained Counselor

    This may seem obvious to some but  because therapy sessions normally run 50 – 60 minutes, effectively executing topics of discussion is a must. Walk into that office with a plan! Try making a list of things you want to talk about during your next therapy season. It’s so easy to get stuck on one topic when you finally have a living, breathing, person in front of you to talk to.  Personally I have so many things going in my life that I  have a hard time deciding  where to start and that is frustrating when you know times ticking.  With a handy dandy list available,it’s a great way of get those thoughts off your chest and off your list.  Then once you are in front of a counselor it’s easier to  vocalize those thoughts. Once done you can walk out therapy feeling accomplished.

    3 Tools You Can Use
    3 Tools You Can Use
  • Use The Memo App On Your Cell Phone. 

    To make notes of any thoughts that pop up in your head through-out the day.   For me, it appears that while I’m in the shower, cooking or driving  thoughts roam rapid in my head the most.  So, if I don’t get them out my head somehow I can very easily be  the only thing I think about all day.  Not fun and all!  This may not work 100% of the time for me. But I will say it has been step in the right direction.  When you are able, type out a memo so the thought can be addressed at another time.  A time the topic at hand is  less mind-consuming and convenient for you.


  • Utilize Voice Typing.  

    This is a wonderful option available on most  computers and has been my discovery of the year! As a blogger and mental health warrior I ALWAYS have plenty to say, but many times don’t feel like typing it all out.   Well that problem is now solved by simply pulling up  the Google Docs App -> Tools -> Voice Typing.   I then sit back and let the words flow.  Since I can be long-winded this has been a wonderful way for me to effectively express my thoughts. In the comfort of my own home, and without time constraints.  Later, those same thoughts become a blog post like the one you are reading now!

Give It A Try

So, if you haven’t already tried the above tips, I strongly suggest you give it a try.  With depression and anxiety, I can honestly say these tips have helped me tone down some of my racing thoughts.  Even better, I mentioned these tips to my own counselor who concluded these tips were great! So if you are looking for professional’s stamp of approval, here you go!

Let me know in the comments your thoughts on this post.  I share for you, so the input is great!   And don’t forget to pass this information on.  Great Mental Health is Wealth!  Until next time Roses!

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