It’s been a while Roses.  Yeah, I took a break from blogging earlier this year. But, now I’m back with a post I initiated back in June 2018.  So if you are interested in what 4 beauty and wellness products every woman needs this winter, continue reading.

When a woman looks good she feels good, and when a woman feels good she looks good. For the most part I believe it, which is why self-care is a must.  Winter weather can sometimes put a damper on our comfort, mood, and health. So, below are 4 beauty and wellness products that are sure to put some sunshine back into your life!

4 Beauty and Wellness Products

A Handmade Thermal Heating Pad

I believe handmade products are made with love, and there is nothing better then a loved one caring for you when you’re in pain right?  So why not combat body discomfort with a handmade microwavable heat pad made by OlenaRosanne Creations.  Does that name ring a bell?  Well it should because it’s my own shop!  Yes! I’ve suffered from chronic pain for over 20 years and let me tell you homeopathic pain therapy is the best, and most affordable.

Thermal Heat Pads
OlenaRosanne Creations Thermal Heat Pads

Thermal Heating Pad helps subside pain & tension in the neck, shoulders, back, joints, or where-ever you need it! It even provides relief during those pesky menstrual cramps! These non-scented, rice-filled  heating pad  comforts like a warm hand on your shoulder.  It also has perfect amount of weight to make great calming sensory tool for individuals with sensory needs!  These handy microwavable heating pads are available for purchase at OlenaRosanne Creations.

Thermal Heating Pad
Thermal Heating Pad

This is not your standard hair bonnet. There are thousands of satin bonnets out there but in my opinion nothing beats the customer service, quality, comfort, of the adjustable, personalized, satin bonnets by Minovet.

My Adjustable Satin Bonnet
My Adjustable Satin Bonnet

Minovet’s bonnets are hand-crafted in multiple sizes and colors.  The beautiful bow is not just pretty, it’s  multi-purpose. The bow works like a draw-string, allowing the customer to adjust their bonnet they way see fit.  I love mine because I can adjust my bonnet based on the hair style I have underneath without my hair being squished. The way my bonnet was personalized blew my mind the second I saw it.

My Personalized Satin Bonnet
My Personalized Satin Bonnet

Just take look.  It has my name on it!  TWICE!!  How’s that for branding!  Consider purchasing one for yourself, your kids,  as a gift, or as part of your branding for your salon.   For inquiries and purchase go to Minovet.  Also check out my own unboxing and product review here

The Perfect Red Lipstick

Cherry is a liquid to matte lipstick by Teacup Cosmetics.  I have NEVER wore a red lipstick in my life as much as I have this one.  This red is universal, it pairs nicely with ALL skin tones.

Cherry by Teacup Cosmetics
Cherry by Teacup Cosmetics

It dries quickly and doesn’t leave your lips with that horrible dry feeling. Cherry is so vibrant it literally stops people in their tracks when I wear it. So if you don’t mind compliments and are looking for the perfect red lip for this holiday season, Teacup Cosmetics can help you out with that.

The Perfect Red Lip
The Perfect Red Lip – Cherry

If red is not your color than I strongly suggest you check out the wide variety of colors, consistencies, and finishes  Teacup Cosmetics has to offer; all at affordable prices.   I’m an owner of 10 different shades myself! To purchase a little something for yourself or as a gift, visit  Teacup Cosmetics   Also check out my 2 product reviews on YouTube in Teacup Cosmetics Unboxing and Swatch  and Unboxing from 3 Black Owned Businesses

Comfort with The Calm Tea

I absolutely love this tea! The Calm Tea  by Ladyhood Journey  has the perfect mix of  lavender and chamomile which both have calming properties.  My first whiff of this tea was delightful. Seriously, the smell alone was relaxing. This is a loose leaf tea so you can see exactly what you will be brewing, and it’s nice to see the actual ingredients.

The Calm Tea – Ladyhood Journey

Previously, any tea I purchased was already bagged. Seriously,  I had never tried loose leaf tea at home.   So, it was  such a welcome surprise to receive disposable tea bags with my order.  But if that’s not your thing, they also offer super affordable tea ball infusers.   I don’t sweeten my tea at all normally so I my initial taste was a true taste test.

The Calm Tea
The Calm Tea

I am happy to say that it tasted authentic.  The Calm tea is also so smooth yet pleasantly potent and fresh. The after-taste is wonderful as well.  So if you are looking for new wellness products to try, then this aromatherapy in a cup is what you need. Make sure you visit Ladyhood Journey to see if this tea is still available.

See what I mean?

Comfort, hair, makeup, and relaxation is all covered in these 4 products.  Like I said earlier:  when a woman looks good she feels good, and when a woman feels good she looks good. 4 products by 4 female-owned businesses.  Women know what women want right?  So, why not support one another by purchasing from this list of 4 beauty and wellness products every woman would want this winter.

Talk to you later Roses!

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