No, I’m not crazy, and no I’m not trying to be controversial. But, let’s keep it real. Would you ONLY accept money from black people?  Or, would you rather receive money from ALL people.  What does the hashtag #BuyBlack mean to you?

Today is Black Friday, November 24, 2017.  All over the world people are trying to catch some of the biggest sales of the year.  This also is the time of the year that new entrepreneurs and small businesses are trying to climb up the entrepreneurial ladder. Marketing is at an all time high because everyone is doing the most to make that beloved dollar.  The problem is, I see a lot of small businesses selling themselves short.

Learn to Lead Yourself, Before you Attempt to Lead Others.

As a black woman, stepping my pinky  toe out into entrepreneurial waters is scary.  As an introvert I am in the process of learning not to be so shy about marketing.  I am also learning that I in no shape, way, or form want to sell myself short.  As a Black woman using the hashtag #BuyBlack is great to promote my products. I love my people, but have we thought about how it could be misinterpreted by other ethnicities who are contemplating spending their dollars with you?


I see a lot of tweets, posts, and meme’s about Buying Black.  It’s great and promotes a sense of unity among black people who do/don’t already support their own race. It’s true, that we (black people) have habitually supported every other ethnic group before our own.  Sad but true.

Hair Will Come and Go But Your CROWN Remains!

It’s my belief that the #BuyBlack hashtag was created to open each other’s eyes to what we as consumers were doing.  Problem is, there are some black entrepreneurs, who just expect black people to drop what they are doing and support their business based on skin color alone. Ummm no!  That’s not how real-life works honey.  Newsflash!!  A black business will not survive on just black consumers alone!

In my world, you may happen to be black and I might actually support you.  But, I have other reasons as well as to why I may or may not choose to #BuyBlack.

  • If you haven’t singled anyone out, you’ve caught my eye
  • You’re a true entrepreneur.
  • You are a business here for the long haul, not just during major holiday seasons.
  • Your work ethic is impressive
  • I truly want to support you as a person.

So, as you get ready to spend your hard-earned dollars this black Friday, I challenge you to put a little more thought into the businesses you choose to support.

Are you ready to make a change?

Consumers: Do you choose to purchase from a business just because they used the #BuyBlack hashtag in their social media marketing?  Entrepreneurs:  Do you cater your marketing towards only one race, demographic, or culture? Let me know down below. Also, please like and share because knowledge is power.

Talk to you later!

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