While sitting here drinking on my morning coffee, the words Coffee and Confidence  popped into my head.  And let’s keep it real, I needed a topic to blog about after having a social media detox.  So I thought to myself, why not!  These  two C words actually do have a way of going together.  Trust me, once you read this it will make a little more sense.

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Think about it.  There are millions of people around the world who  drink coffee to get a wonderful boost of energy each morning.  Once you’ve ingested the hot/cold burst of caffeine it suddenly make you feel like you can tackle whatever your day is about to throw at you. Well, at least I do.  And surprisingly, I also get a boost of confidence a long with that.  You with me? Coffee and Confidence.

Coffee and Confidence
Coffee and Confidence As A Blogger

As a natural born introvert, I have noticed throughout my life that sometimes I need a swift push into the land of confidence to break out of the comfort-zone shackles I put myself in.   Becoming a blogger and youtuber helped me break a few layers away from my introvert exterior.  At times, those layers seem grow back & multiply like roaches at the most inappropriate times!  Which can make me feel like I am back at square one!  That’s why I took a step back to regroup a month ago by doing social media detox.

Social media detoxes are great and all, but when you are a up and coming content creator, falling off the map doesn’t help.  Well, it didn’t help me.  So, I am now in the process of boosting my confidence back up to at least newborn level to get my head back into the game.  (Takes another sip of coffee)

Blogger, seems to be a title of many these days.  Sip. Sip. Sip.  People are playing tug a war with content.  I won’t even get into the lack of authenticity and transparency… It’s a dog eat dog world in these blogger streets. You have to be at the top of the game with:

  • topics
  • photos
  • popularity
  • in-person events
  • Facebook group thread participation

Who has that kind of time or money for photographers or to attend every event?  I don’t, but a lot of people do (if you let social media tell it).   At the same time:  Comparison kills Confidence. #notetoself

Coffee and Confidence.

Sips more coffee.

Unfortunately this world is full of Crown Thieves, but I have to tell myself and others to Keep Pushing Forward.  So, if a little cup of coffee helps push me towards the confidence I have hidden within,  I am going to keep drinking up!

Drink Up!  Coffee and Confidence
Drink Up! Coffee and Confidence

If you don’t get anything from this article I need for you to highlight this:  Forget about what everybody else is doing because each and every one of us has something to offer the world.  Each of us are unique in our thoughts and our experiences. Listen, God already knows what you are capable of! So grab onto confidence and hold tight! If your confidence  appears to be covered up, Don’t fret. Each day you have the ability to try again to uncover it.  If it takes a little bit of coffee to get you going, then DRINK UP. 

How’s that for some #MondayMotivation?  Tell me, what gives you a boost of confidence? Remember Sharing is Caring.  Talk to you later Roses.

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