Beware! Crown Thieves are everywhere! They are the people and situations in your life that are determined to steal your invisible crown.  They are also the people in your life that are knowingly or unknowingly tipping your crown to the side by their actions.

What’s an invisible crown you ask?

Well let me break it down like this:

You were born into royalty whether you believe it or not.

Royalty = human race.

At birth you were given this invisible crown.

Your Life = Your invisible crown.

Have I lost you?

OK, for those that are still with me, let me explain my definition of a crown thief.

The first definition that come to mind for me, is the devil, himself!  He is all things evil and his goal is to basically ruin your life! And if he gets what he wants, he will take it altogether!

Next in line, are the people we can’t stand. Simply put, the haters.  Or even worse, the people we love.  Sad but true.

These are the people in your life that hate to see you succeed in anything.  People who seem to have something negative to say about ANYTHING positive in your life!  The ones who are so stuck on their own ego that they can’t even see past the tips of their own noses! People who have caused you to put up brick walls around your heart. The ones who have you wondering if there are any good people left in the world  People who chose to lie until they don’t even remember the truth! The ones who have you explaining yourself till you’ve literally have high blood pressure, and are wracked with depression. Yep, you know…. People that smile in your face and then begin stabbing you in the back before your back is even halfway turned.

Crown Thieves are also the situations in life that have the power to break us down to our cores, if we don’t learn skills to help build up our armor.  For example:

  • The failed relationship in-between friends or loved ones.
  • That job that was given to the slacker instead of the hard worker
  • Drug and alcohol dependency
  • Mental illness or special needs.
What can we do to fight against Crown Thieves?

First come to terms with the fact that Crown Thieves are part of life. They come around to test our strength, and it is up to us to use whatever we have in our toolkit to fight them off.  Use tools like:

  • Prayer
  • Animals
  • Books
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Teachers
  • Therapy
  • Social Media

To share our thoughts and brainstorm with like-minded individuals. Hug or pet that animal that loves you regardless of what you go through. Love on that child or trusted family member that will be there for you even when your world feels like it’s falling apart. Share what you have learned with open-minded people who crave knowledge just as much as you do.

But most of all, remember that Crown Thieves may make your crown slip a little.  Crown Thieves  may even be playing tug-of-war in-between your crown and 2 hairs on your head.  But you DON’T have to give it up! Better yet, tell yourself you will NOT give it up! I won’t let you give up!  If I have to write a post – a week to convince you that you are powerful,  I will.  I am going to share with you what I am learning about myself, and pass it on the best way I can.  We are all in this together.

By the way. Above is a video of lyrics to a song I love.  Listen to if for a second, or sing along.  Whatever you do, just pay close attention to the lyrics.  Share with me your thoughts, then have a great day.

Talk to you later.

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