Have you ever sat back and thought about how many dollars the world spends on a fantasy each year? The actual number is astounding. Just take a moment to think about the dollars spent on a fantasy around you locally or on social media. Are the wheels turning yet? Well, read on to find out my opinion on this subject and how rethinking where your dollars are spent can change the world of a small business.

Want my opinion?

For some reason, I always come up with the best blog topics when I’m frustrated. So yes, what you read here will be predominately based on my own opinion and experience. If you can’t handle that, then please go ahead and leave now.

a little rant small business…

Earlier this week my mind was filled with the frustrations of a momprenuer. As mentioned in previous posts, I opened an Etsy shop in 2018 – OlenaRosanne Creations. For the backstory of my shop visit olenarosanne.etsy.com Anyway, since opening I only seem to get business when I’m running a sale. Yes, really. ๐Ÿคจ I don’t know about you, but I don’t run my small business off a credit card or have a team of people working for me. I AM the team. Something about paying bills, keeping a house warm, and feeding a family soaks up my money (and don’t get get me stared on time). The goal is to make money on these sales or they don’t work in my favor. Right? Talk about a big learning experience… anyway…

Authentic Support

Think about it

For some reason I don’t think Rihanna of Fenty, or Cardi B with Fashion Nova have to worry about the basic things a one-woman-show, small business owner does. Just saying in writing, what we all thinking (well maybe not everybody). Celebrities have an entire of team of folks who work to make things more convenient for them, assist in keeping them relevant, while making money. Their name alone will sell anything they are part of. Why? Because there will always be someone who will do whatever it takes to buy into a fantasy. Sad, but true.

People will spend their very last dollar on a fantasy. A concert ticket, a purse, or piece of makeup…just to be “like” or in the presence of a person or a company that could care less about who they really are. 
To wear the “name” of someone who doesn’t even know your real name. And yet they will do whatever it takes to support the flash and fame of the fantasy. Those same people will turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to friends & family they know in real life. The people who have encouraged and prayed for them & their families …Just Because.


Support Small Business
Support Small Business

supporting a fantasy?

Instagram is packed full of folks shouting “Support Small Business“. The problem is, there are only a small percentage of folks who really do! My challenge to you is to really think about where you spend your money. First of all, are you always FIRST in line for the latest makeup launch at Sephora? Or the person who HAS to buy the outfit some celebrity has endorsed. Is it a MUST to have the latest pair or Jordans?

News Flash: There is no guarantee your makeup will look better because you paid an arm and a leg for it. The outfit you bought instead of paying for your electricity actually makes you look ridiculous. And those shoes will not be getting you into the NBA anytime soon. Stop continually buying into the fantasy ladies and gents.

OlenaRosanne Creations – I HAVE AN ETSY SHOP! ๐Ÿ’ƒ

Check out the under dog

So, instead I welcome you to step back down to reality. Come on. I see you looking. You know you’re curious. The girl next door, your classmate, a co-worker, the guy at church, or the mom & pop business down the street deserves a chance at serving you. You might even find more handmade and original items. I mean, wouldn’t you rather be a leader than a follower? Being part of helping someone keep their lights on, or pay for life-saving medication is likely more heart-warming anyway. Right?


Just remember, not all small businesses are perfect. Many have the best intentions, and are trying to make a way to serve you the best they know how. It’s time we support those that support you. To realize the fantasy is really only just that, a fantasy. It’s time to make a habit out of supporting our own communities, rather then supporting a fantasy. Work harder at being a positive example of the change we want to see. Stop talking about supporting small business and ACTUALLY DO IT!

Fantasy or Small Business?

Here are a few small businesses I personally support and truly care about their owners. I invite you to check them out as well and pass on the information (as well as mine OlenaRosanne Creations ) :

What will you do?

Think about it. What category do you fall in? Do you continually support a fantasy, therefore not giving small businesses of substance chance? Let me know in the comments Roses.

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