Wrap Wednesday is something I started doing on my Instagram page about 2 years ago.   If you follow me  on Instagram, you’re probably used to me showcasing the wrap I’m wearing for that day, along with the mantra I created to go with it.

My Wrap Wednesday Mantra

Lift your head high

like the Royalty you are,

It’s Wrap Wednesday y’all!

Head Wraps are Awesome!

Whether you call it a wrap, head wrap, turban or scarf.  Wednesday is the day to show it off.  Wear you wrap proud.  Give everyone something creative and colorful to look at.  Let them stare at you in awe as you hold your head high and walk by like the royalty you are!

I take pride in showing the world the natural beauty that comes from wrapping a piece of material on my head. Head wraps have stood the test of time.  From ancient Africa, through slavery,  and so on.  It has been a symbol of modesty, power, strength, faith, fashion, beauty and royalty.

It’s a Protective Style

Now of course before you put on that wrap please remember to give your hair some TLC with some  LOC= Liquid, Oil, Cream or LOCO =  Liquid, Oil, Cream, Oil. Locking in moisture is a must, even when your hair is covered.   Wraps are great protective styles, but it does no good if your strands are dying of thirst underneath!

I’m always asked, “How do you do that?” or ” I want to wear a wrap but I don’t know how to.”  My answer is I just make it up as I go.  Don’t worry, there are no head wrap judges walking the streets and you won’t get a ticket if it doesn’t look a certain way! All you have to do is  wrap, tie, and tuck any which way you want.  There is no certain way to tie a head wrap. Just do what feels right to you.  It’s YOUR work of art!

Continued Inspiration

I plan to continue sharing with you my personal pictures on Wrap Wednesday as head wrap inspiration.  And of course continue head wrap tutorials from time to time on my YouTube Channel.  So stay tuned.

Do you wear head wraps?  Do you want to, but haven’t tried yet?  Let me know!


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