I may only be speaking for myself …but some may understand. My Truth is: I CHOSE TO SURRENDER, and others have too. Many say they surrender. Many say, ‘God Use Me’. But did you ever stop to think that while we are in the depths of stress, anxiety and depression that He may be using us to make a point?

When we chose to give our life over to Christ, did we actually think God was not going to use us? We gave it all to Him and vowed to surrender, Right?

real talk

Let’s keep it real. Life can be so unfair. It seems like the most awful things happen to the greatest people, while haters seem to be out there living their best lives. Since we are only human, it’s easy to get down at times when we go through the trials and tribulations of life. It’s even harder for those of use who suffer from stress, anxiety and depression more days than not.

As a mental health warrior, I can only speak on my truth. Keeping my head above water is a fight, and only others who live this daily can truly relate. In the midst of the struggle I have to stop myself and remember I said I surrendered….Right? On top of that, I’m the type of person who means what I say.

far from perfect

I will never have all the answers, but I find comfort in the fact that I know God does. I know my entire story was written out before I was born. That every struggle I have been tasked to endure is for a reason. One reason, is to help strengthen my heart and mind so when the enemy pounces I have the strength to stay afloat and live. It’s so I have enough faith to hold on to when my pain appears unbearable. Trust me when I say, I’m living proof that at it really only takes faith the size of a mustard seed. Faith that size can make the difference in-between life and death. How can I not continue holding on to it?

To Surrender
To Surrender

The tough times I experience also give me the practice I need to increase my patience. And let me tell you, patience is something I pray for All. The. Time. My struggles have made it possible for me to empathize, empower and encourage others who feel like they have no hope. I enjoy being about to inspire and remind others that despite what I go through, I still choose to keep pushing forward.


It’s something I share all the time in my Instagram Instastory (follow me) I believe my life can show others what leaning on faith during the meantime looks like. And I have no shame in showing it because I chose to surrender, so I feel like it’s my duty. It’s my intent to continue surrendering to a Perfect God who loves me Perfectly.

Remember, Jesus suffered and died to save us all. Through his pain I am reminded there is ALWAYS a reason behind the suffering. I may not understand the reason while in the thick of it, but I KNOW it serves a purpose that is way bigger than me.

As Jonathan McReynolds said in a recent Life Room Talks recording,

Your Purpose
Your Purpose

Amen….makes you think, don’t it? The more my testimony unfolds in front of my eyes, the clearer my purpose becomes. I cherish the fact that I was chosen to share with the world my experience, in my own words. I chose to surrender, and still do! How about you?

Until next time Roses.



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