It’s really time we marinate on reality. There are too many of us walking around with rose-colored glasses on. Well, I’m here to say the glasses need to be thrown away. There are real issues going on in the world we live in. To address these issues, the surface has to be penetrated. Read on to find out what 3 topics I believe need to be marinated into our mind, body, and soul  if  we  expect  to  see  progress.

Why Marinate?

I need you to think of a piece of chicken. When we decide to whip up a marinade and cover the chicken, the point is to penetrate the surface and season it everywhere. Once the chicken in marinated it’s no longer the original piece of poultry you picked up at the store. It’s forever changed. Right? Well there are so many things going on in the world today that our mind, body, and souls need to marinate. Marination evokes change. Below are 3  topics that  need  our  attention.

Black History Month 365
Black History Month 365

Black History Month

In the United States and Canada, Black History Month is celebrated during the month of February. It’s also celebrated in the United Kingdom during the month of October. Celebrations are widespread and acknowledgement seen and heard on TV, Radio, and social media. But if you think about this a little more, why are we only recognizing Black History 28-29 days out of a year? I don’t know about you, but I’m Black every single day of my life. This is also the reality of black people everywhere around the world. So why only acknowledge it for a month? Marinate on that.

mental health in black men

There has been a rising percentage of deaths involving black men diagnosed/not diagnosed with mental health issues. The reality is mental health affects everyone. Unfortunately, women appear to speak about it more than men. Even though men are suffering just as much as some women. More often then not, men suffer in silence thanks to the way our world views men as being the stronger sex, our protectors, and should never cry. Black men have enough pressure on their broad shoulders from birth to death. Can you imagine the stress of having a target on your back, without even saying a word? Just because of the color of your skin? Why do we seem to forget their human too and have emotions?

Marinate On Reality
Marinate On Reality

Mental health has been swept under the carpet for so many years, especially in the black community. Black men go through trials and tribulations just like anyone else, but get the message that they can’t show their emotions because they’ll be perceived as being weak? That’s not right! Seriously think about it. It’s time we marinate on the mental health of black man. Let’s start actually paying attention. There is a black man right now that could be a family member, co-worker, associate, friend, or significant other that may have changed a little. It could be clear as day they haven’t been sleeping enough, eating more or less, quick to anger, or the light in their eyes is just not the same. Let’s not wait until another black man is dead or hospitalized because we couldn’t take take a second to spare an act of compassion.

We can do better

Let’s marinate on the reality that there are many things we do within the black community that do nothing but hurt ourselves. There are are things we do within our own community that stunt positivity, unity, growth, and trust. Senseless killing and greed has put a hole in our community that will never be patched up if we don’t take a long and hard look at how we can be cutting our own selves off at the knees. The black on black crime we see in the news and what doesn’t make it to the screen is enough to make me sick. But I have a situation that happened to me on Instagram that sparked this entire blog post. This is an example of how we may be working against one another for the sake money.

black-owned business

So I’m in the process of building up my new business OlenaRosanne Creations. A bulk of what I sell is handmade head wraps, so I decided to do a huge head wrap sale in my etsy shop. You may have noticed there are lot’s of other businesses of different sizes that offer head wraps as well. Social media is a place you can promote your business for free, so of course I’ve been promoting mine like crazy. I have been known for my head wraps for many years. So, of course I incorporate my small business into my #WrapWednesday social media posts.

Imagine my surprise when another head wrap business owner tags their own business in a comment below my picture. A picture of me wearing my own head wrap that I also mentioned was on sale in my own shop?! In my shop, not theirs! On top of that, we don’t even follow each other.

We Can Do Better
We Can Do Better

So my response to this person was to first say thank you. But I had to let this person know I was confused on the comment. There was some mis-communication going on somewhere…. So I also mentioned, I had never purchased a head wrap from their business, but yet they tagged their business? This person then replied, they did it because they wanted me to look at the head wraps that they were offering. Ummm….okay…this person got my attention alright, but not in a positive way. Anyway, I decided to take the high-road and said, “Will do.”

Let’s support one another

I’m all for supporting one another but stabbing each other in the back for the sake of sales is not helping to build our community or gain respect. It’s time to marinate on building one another up instead of working against one another. I tag other businesses all the time on Instagram – in my own Instatories and posts. It brings more attention to what they are trying to build. It’s a form of support whether I am a customer or not. I prefer to work together in bringing more money into our communities instead of against one another. That’s the goal, right?

what do you think?

If we all take a moment to marinate on the reality that surrounds each one of us, we can begin making positive steps toward building up our own communities. We need to also keep in mind that the younger generation watching.

What are your thoughts on the topics brought up in this blog post? Let me know, and I will talk to you Roses later.

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