So, I just got home from one of my many appointments of the week – my Parenting Group.  The more I attend this group, the more I realize, my pain is another’s inspiration.

Before you get ready to disagree, give me a chance to explain.

For example, off and on in my life I’ve been deathly afraid of driving my car for many reasons. Most of those reasons are, “What If’s” like:

  • What if someone hits my car?
  • What if there is a drunk driver on the road?
  • What if there’s a racist cop on the road looking to make me an “example”
  • What if I encounter road rage?
  • What if my many worries overwhelm me during driving, and I run a red light?
  • What if I get a flat tire?

People, “What If’s” create worries, that can lead to uncontrolled anxiety. Uncontrolled anxiety can lead to seclusion and depression.  Something I struggle with, daily.  So, trust me, I know what I’m talking about!

I had no idea that my pain in dealing with my “What If’s” and my debilitating fear of driving, could be someone else’s inspiration. That is until, I spoke about it in my Parenting Group.

One of the topics today was to share something you were proud of this week.  I decided to share my fear of driving and how I have overcome it ( for the moment.)   I advised that what I call “required appointments”,  has force me to get out of the house. And the more got out of the house, the more driving became easier for me.

For example, a “required appointment” for me would be:

  • A meeting at my son’s school
  • Agreeing to have my son’s counseling sessions at the counseling center instead of at my home as they have been in the past.
  • Scheduling more frequent therapy sessions with my own therapist instead of the standard bi-monthly appointments.

The point I’m trying to make is because I have increased the amount of “required appointments” outside of my home, my requirement to drive increased.  So instead of anxiety about my driving “what if’s” I became obsessed with getting to these appointments on-time (something that is very important to me)

Today I realized how proud of myself I was for making it over this hurdle called – driving. But I also realized I am capable of positive change.  Even if it is temporary.   I also learned  change is inspiring. Not only to me, but to others, Which, I found out after the feedback from other’s in the Parenting Group.

Other’s in the group expressed feelings of hope.  That it is possible to change the worst of our own feelings and actions.  Also, that there really is a bright light at the end of the tunnel!

As people, we crave acknowledgement whether we realize it or not.  The fact that I now know my pain is another’s inspiration is invigorating! I walked out of today’s Parenting Group feeling like my pain is part of my purpose here on earth.  I was proud of even sharing my fear of driving in the first place! But, to know that others had compassion for me and  found the outcome inspiring, was truly special.

I hope my story can inspire you as well.  Please remember you are not alone in your difficulties.  Please try not to be so hard on yourself today and remember whatever pain you are experiencing will inspire others later.

Have a great day!


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