“I Would Like The Kids To Know, Even Though They May Feel Sad, And Feel Like No One Cares, I Care.” ~Niyah


Azaniyah Nyree Roberson

aka “Niyah,” or “Princess Nyree,” decided she wanted to be a business owner at the precious age of 4 years old!

The idea came to Niyah two weeks after watching a UNICEF Commercial on television. Niyah did not understand why any child would not have food. Her mother explained not everyone can afford to feed their children. Her mother further explained, some people live in countries where they do not have the food and resources she is afforded. Also, some of the children no longer have parents in their lives, for various reasons, including death.  Niyah could not imagine not having parents. A few days later, Niyah told her mother, although she wanted to be a doctor when she grew up, she wanted to own a business now.  Niyah wasn’t sure what she wanted to do at that moment, but her mother told her she had plenty of time. After two week’s, Niyah returned to her mother and said she wanted to make packages for children who did not have parents. About a year or so later, she came up with the name, “Niyah Cares,” because she said she cares about the kids.

Niyah Cares, a multi purpose organization, is working towards becoming “Niyah Cares Foundation.” Niyah Cares is a multipurpose organization. Niyah Cares will provide care packages to children who have lost one or both parents, due to death. Some of the items that will go in these care packages are (but NOT limited to..) coloring books, crayons, stuffed animals, personal hygiene products, Journals…etc.

“I would like the kids to know, even though they may feel sad, and feel like no one cares, I care.”

Being the daughter of a retired police officer, and hearing so many horror stories on the news, one of Niyah’s main goals is to provide care package to the children of fallen police officers and fire fighters. However, she is willing to be a blessing to whomever God places in her path.

Niyah also has a desire, to share with other children, the importance of trying new things, and following their own dreams.

In addition to providing care packages and inspiring other young boys and girl to become entrepreneurs,  Niyah  also has plans on speaking out on anti bullying, obesity and saying no to drugs. Niyah Cares will take a holistic approach to help prevent some of the common set backs for our youth today.

“Whatever you want to do, it’s possible! Find things that inspire you. Try lots of things until you find what you love to do. If you don’t succeed the first time, try, try again.”




Interview at NYC’s Gospel Station, WLIB, with 2018, Stellar Award Winner, Liz Black.

Patiently waiting to feed families, on her Birthday, at a school in NYC.


Reading “Little Leaders”
Bold Women In Black History 
By Vashti Harrison


Victory Christian Center’s Mother and Daughter Brunch.

Niyah was invited to the event and talked about “Niyah Cares” and encouraged the other young ladies to discover what inspires them and to go after her dreams.