Life experience has shown me I’ve been on earth long enough to figure out a few things.  One of them is that I am stronger than a scapegoat.

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Let me explain. 

When you are someone who struggles with Stress and Anxiety it’s easy for people to put a label on your forehead.  That label may be crazy, unstable, and emotional, etc… There is also another label that most don’t even think about.  It’s an invisible label  you may have on your head and don’t even realize it.   It involves people around you who use your weaknesses as a reason for you to be their Scapegoat in any and all situations. 

According to  a Scapegoat is

1. a person or group made to bear the blame for others or to suffer  in  their place.

Think about it.

It’s easy to blame the person who openly states they are more in tune with  to their surroundings, is the deep thinker, and analyzes their past, present, future life.  Why even put thought into an issue that arises when it’s so much easier to blame whatever is wrong on that person.

What a great scapegoat.



While the label maker is possibly drowning in denial, has a huge ego, and  doesn’t feel or want to own up to their own issues. The scapegoat is drowning in their own pain and the pain of being misunderstood over and over again with no resolution in sight.  Yep, its so much easier to put the  blame of all that is wrong in the world on  the person striving to improve their mental health.

You may be giving a sincere effort towards  owning up to your own personal issues but  it may seem like it’s all for nothing when you wind up being the scapegoat anyway. Personally, I can’t stand feeling like I am always the issue when all I’m trying to do is protect myself and my family.  It’s time to break the cycle!  Who in their right mind wants to feel like the scapegoat all the time?  I know I don’t!

So, if you feel like scapegoat is your middle name, below are some things I want you to try:

Guard Yourself From Mental Blows

Let’s keep it real.  When it’s all said and done.  When that person or people are not around: You are stuck with you and your thoughts. All those negative thoughts are mental blow after mental blow that  later leave our heart and mind black & blue.  Who wants that?  So if a conversation starts going south in the future, end it.  Walk away or hang up the phone. You don’t that negativity!  Better yet if it keeps happening it maybe time to just avoid that person altogether.  Surround yourself physically and mentally with as much  peace as you can soak in.

Seek Guidance  

Either by speaking to a supportive friend, counselor,  meditate,  pray, etc.  Make it a priority to learn new skills to add to your toolbox.  The more tools you have the easier it will be to handle any difficulties when dealing with others.  As well as your own stress and anxiety.  Surround yourself with people that emotionally lift you up authentically.  People who do not shy away from conflict.  People who are willing to work towards a resolution as a team player on YOUR team.

Don’t  Let Anyone Tarnish Your Progress

Protect  your mental progress with as much confidence and determination as you can muster.  I know it may seem impossible if you’re consistently dealing with a  person/people who seem to always dish their mess right on top of your mess.  And it’s horrible because they have no idea what that negativity  can do to your mind.  It already doesn’t feel good to always feel like you are in an uphill battle against negative self-talk. But when you have someone around you who makes you feel even worse, all that does is chip away at the shiny armor that you have around you.   In this unfair world you need that armor more than ever! Your armor is there for a reason. It’s there to protect you. Protect your heart, protect your mind, protect your family, and if you are parent protect your kids.  I want my armor to shine, not tarnish, and so should you!

Remind Yourself Of Your Strength

You are strong because you refuse to continue living in the same cycle. You have already taken everything life has dealt you, and still managed to make positive changes year after year.  It doesn’t matter how big or small those changes are or were.  All that matters is you put in work!   So give yourself a hug. You deserve it!

  Rip Off The Scapegoat Label

It’s time the straighten  the crown you’ve been given. Hold your head high with the  crown of determination. During  Mental Health Awareness Month and beyond be determined not  to let the scapegoat title get underneath your skin.  Rip that bad boy off!  I want you to know that you’re better than that.  I want you to understand  that everything you’re doing  to improve  your life is worth it.

Think Better Of Yourself

When you start thinking better of yourself, others will follow suit or be left in the dust.  If anyone around you refuses to keep up with you on your road to mental wellness, then leave them on the curb!

You Are Worthy Of Happiness

Whether  others  around realize it  or not, I need you  to  tell yourself repeatedly:

  • All my hard work has been worth it
  • I am worthy of happiness. 
  • Forgiving myself is the right thing to do
  • I am not the blame for someone else’s mess
  • I am stronger than a scapegoat. 

See, everyone else’s opinion don’t matter when the One above already knew your life plan, before it even played out, and loves you anyway.  

**This blog post contains affiliate links** 
Clicking on the links may eventually compensate
me. But remember while you are helping me I am also helping you discover awesome music.

Which is why the album Make Room by Jonathan McReynolds has been on repeat in my house and car since it was released March 9th 2018. (Yes I purchased it the day it came out) This entire album speaks to everything I struggle with on a daily basis but reminds me that I have the strength to stop going in Cycles.  It motivates me and reminds me that I am loved. Flaws and all.  And that I will get the victory in the end.  Also,  it reminds me that my maker did not put me or you on earth to be anyone’s scapegoat!  Check out the album  HERE.

Talk to you later Roses’

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