I heard through the grapevine a local comic store, Cosmic Monkey Comics was having a wonderful event.  This event included FREE comic books and a meet and greet with local  authors and illustrators. I thought it would be a great way to kick off my son’s 10th birthday weekend, so I was determined to make this outing happen!

According to Facebook Events this would be a Free Event with the option of getting 5 Free superhero comic books (first come first serve of course).  Whether you are a superhero or comic book fan Free is the right price! Let me stop.  Free is the right price for Everybody! Right?

This event happened to be going on  the weekend of my youngest son’s 10th birthday.  And being the HUGE superhero fan that he is I just knew we had to make this an outing he would forever remember. 

Yay Free Comics!
Yay Free Comics!
The Struggle

Being a Special Needs Mom, outings for us are not always perfect.  Sometime, it’s a struggle just to get out of the house! Then once we’re in the car it can be a struggle just to get out of the car!

The pressure to make this a successful outing for not just him, but for me, was  almost unbearable to say the least.    I happen to be the  the custodial parent of my child which means I go through all the rough and tough times, I deal with the tough behaviors, IEP meetings, and therapies.  Yes, I’m the bulldog.   Then of course there is his dad  who pops up whenever he gets ready and does all the fun things with him that seem to be and success every single time.  The best behavior is always saved from him..smh..anyway… I wanted to be the fun parent for a change.

Super Heroes Galore!
Super Heroes Galore!
We Did It!

On the day of the event getting out of the house was rough, and the drive over to Cosmic Monkey Comics was rougher.  Also parking was horrible, but once we found a parking spot it was smooth sailing from there! We arrived a little after the opening of the shop. Surprisingly there was no line, but I think it was because we arrived 10:15am on a Saturday morning.  We were able to get  first dibs on tables of comic books that were available for free.   The Comic Book story was small but cozy.  Low and natural lighting made the store inviting.  We were able to move around freely and smiles and laughter was all around us!

Mission Accomplished!

Being a boy mom and being familiar with many of the comic book characters made  our conversation flow with no tension between us.  I was just as excited as my son!   It was great!!  I am actually smiling while typing this and it’s been about a month since the event!

Success At Cosmic Monkey Comics
Success At Cosmic Monkey Comics

Anyway, if you are ever in the Portland/Metro area (Oregon, USA) I suggest visiting Cosmic Monkey Comics.  Located at 5335 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97213.  It’s a friendly bunch of people who are friendly in person and online!  I can not thank them enough for providing a great venue for an outing for  mom and son!

Have you every been to a comic book store? Are you a comic book or superhero fan?  Are outings tough with your children? Let me know in the comments.  Other then that I will talk to you Roses later!

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